Simple moments with my kids: best gifts of life

I have four kids, that by the end of this month (June 2007) will be 11 years old the eldest (a cute, witty girl, all smiles and freckles, the thinker of the group), 10 years old the second (a tall and good looking boy, strong as a bull, always plotting a new mischief), 9 years old the third (a really sharp minded boy, not too tall but slender, very humorous guy) and last but not least, 5 years old the youngest (the little princess of the group: too cute!, too sharp!, too dangerous!).
They are the sunshine of my life (My regards to Stevland!)
They happen to live some 90 miles away from where I live, so I visit them on weekends (with no major problems withstanding, every single weekend, sharp!).
As of today, the Fall is about to end in the southern hemisphere, giving way to the Winter, and because of La Niña, we are experiencing a rather cold and dry Autumn.
My third kid, the younger of the two boys, really enjoys cooking, so our special treat is to experiment with a new recipe, on every other weekend, and we playfully engage in the game of cooking as a gang.
I always challenge them with a simple and enjoyable recipe, mostly desserts or cookies, so far.
Besides the ingredients and the procedure of the recipe, I try to bring them into the secrets of culinary art, with the proper lexicon and techniques, but with a twist: let’s learn while having fun, with no effort!
With this simple cooperative game, I put them through the experience of depending on one another, on helping each other, on waiting in line to be the next to do something, on being generous, on giving what you have the least and not what you have in surplus and that is your self.
For me, this simple game of ours is just the best balsam to soothe and heal the bull**** of life.

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