Recent sequence of tweets on Agile

This is an article made out of a recent sequence of tweets I sent on Agile.

Let’s suppose that twitter would have a 40 character limit: how would you describe Agile in a tweet? It’s all about value to the customer!

In Agile, “value to the customer” is a recipe with @ least 2 ingredients: one part delivery of user stories, one part wacking process waste

What does “process waste” mean in Agile? … It means just about the same that it means for either TPS or Lean Manufacturing! (<== TPS stands for Toyota Production System)

Just to be precise, let’s review Taiichi Ohno’s Seven Types of Waste …

1.- Waste of Overproduction

2.- Waste of Waiting …

3.- Waste of transportation

4.- Waste of processing in itself

5.- Waste of inventory

6.- Waste of motion

7.- Waste of making defects

OK, it sounds nice, but what does all that have to do with Agile? … A lot! … Actually, in a way, Agile is all about that!

1.- Waste of overproduction … this is an easy one: it is the same as YAGNI ( …)

2.- Waste of waiting … Another easy one: all of us point this out as a problem at the daily scrum (or daily standup meeting)

3.- Waste of transportation …This happens a lot in many shapes on a daily basis, like when you need to FTP a DB backup from the customer

4.- Waste of processing itself … This also happens a lot, like when (you) have to do a lot of debugging to test your code: design simpler code.

5.- Waste of inventory … this is a tricky one, as in SW dev we do not have code inventory … What’s the equivalent? …

… Actually, that is as easy one: in manufacturing, inventory is the cushion, so, in SW dev, the cushion is cushion time in the estimates!

6.- Waste of motion … Another one that seems tricky, but it’s an easy one:this happens a lot, when you don’t have all the tools at your PC.

7.- Waste of making defects … self explanatory.

OK. Now we know that a lot in Agile is about getting ride of the waste as much as it is about delivering valuable code to the customer …

… on a frequent basis! (<=== on both counts: frequent wacking of process waste, and frequent delivery of valuable, working code to the customer!)

Kind regards, GEN



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