When in doubt, think of The Agile Manifesto as your inspiration


You are the leader of an agile team, in the middle of a sprint, facing a problem with the process. You need to figure out a fix to the problem, but can’t find a clear solution. You reviewed many books and web pages on agile, but still can’t find a clear path to solve this problem.

It may sound like a deja vu situation to many readers simply because is a very frequent situation.

When we find ourselves in such a predicament, where do we turn to for council?

Well, when in doubt, look for inspiration in The Agile Manifesto, but focus your attention on the concepts on the left, that is:

Individuals and interactions  as it is people and their interactions that may be able to detect and solve the problems.

Working software“, as it is the main deliverable that represents real value to the customer.

Customer collaboration“, as the true approach to fix things up is “all together against the problem”.

Responding to change“, as change is the name of the game nowadays.

Kind regards, GEN


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