A follow-up on my unlikely Doomsday Scenario for SQL Server On Premises

A few days ago I published a post that conjectured about a rather unlikely scenario regarding SQL Server On Premises.

I was basing my conjecture on one single fact: that native client connectivity to SQL Server On Premises through SNAC is no longer supported, and that from now on, the only supported way to connect from client apps will be through an expanded ODBC driver.

Between August and September 2016, the Microsoft SQLNCli team blog published the following posts:

ODBC Driver 13.1 for SQL Server Released

Preview Release of the SQL Server [C/C++] ODBC Driver 13 for Linux

These two posts open the door to a different kind of scenario:

SQL Server has become a multi-platform technology, and it makes more sense for the team in charge of connectitivy tools to offer the best tools for all platforms, but at the same time, this team has to strive for as much maintainability for these tools as it is possible. One way to achieve that is to look for an API that can connect to all platforms, and that clearly is ODBC.
The SQLNCli team is working on the double to include in these ODBC drivers support for all relevant technologies previously available through SNAC and OleDb.

Kind regards, GEN


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