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Now, this is Some dust storm!

Dust Storm over the Red Sea - NASA

Dust Storm over the Red Sea - NASA


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A song that put in motion a different wave

This is a true story from a long time ago.
I will try to be as accurate as my memory allows me to be.
I guess that it all started, sort of, on a rainy day in January, 1984, at the summer house that my parents used to have in Pinamar, Argentina.
We were just a bunch of friends trying to make fun out of a rainy day at a beach resort in the middle of the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere.
A friend of mine, Manuk, had bought recently a simple Casio keyboard to play around with it, just for fun.
We started fooling around with the tones of the Pacman videogame, that was a major sensation at the time down here in Argentina.
Out of that fooling around, a song started to take form. The lyrics were in spanish, and it told a very funny story that really made sense to some of the realities I were experiencing at the time, being myself an undergraduate student at a highly prestigious Engineering college in Buenos Aires.
We kept on playing with this idea of concocting funny songs throughout the rest of the summer, both at Pinamar and then at Buenos Aires.
Since Manuk had his birthday by the end of April (or was it by the beginning of May?, I just can’t remember), we (that is, Manuk and me) came up with the silly idea of having a small concert with these funny songs at his birthday party, as a cool way to celebrate.
We were able (somehow) to compose a small bunch of silly songs for the occasion, but the Pièce de résistance was the Pacman-themed song.
Of course that we managed to form a band for the party, with some jam sessions and all to practice.
We even had a name for the band, that played along pretty well with the sillyness of the whole thing:
Los Profi.
(like in "prophylactics", that is, condoms).
For the rest of us, with the exception of Manuk, it was just having fun with friends.
But for Manuk, as I look back in time and see how things worked out, I would say that for him it meant quite a different game.
The party went along pretty well, and I could say that I outplayed Jay Kay and the weird hats by some stretch of time (with a help from Manuk, for having the "right" weird hat for the right moment!).
Of course that all of us had a lot of fun at the party, the audience as well as the band. For most of us, the journey ended at the party.
But for Manuk, it was just the warm-up.
After that, he took both keyboard lessons and singing lessons, with a couple of major players of the local musical scene at the time.
With a good measure of contacts and just a bit of luck, Manuk eventually made it to be a part of the regular lineup of the band of an important Pop singer from Argentina.
From that exposure, he also got in contact with the Ad Music business.
He would eventually leave the Pop Music business for the Ad Music business, Big Time (capital letters express it just how it turned out).
He first founded a local Ad Music company called Musica Aplicada.
In 2000, he founded in Miami a new company called Animal Music, with an entirely new and fresh concept of what an Ad Music Services company should be.
(if you did not figure out out of this story who Manuk is, now you know!).
Even though this is Life as It Goes…, and not Floating Poetry, I will post the lyrics from the Pacman-themed song as they were, for the sake completeness:
(you should sing this part to the Pacman tones)
Era una tarde gris,
Del Resnick me pudrí,
Salí a caminar,
Y un Atari ví,
15 fichas compré,
Una la introducí,
Detrás de ella fuí,
y al Pacman me subí
Tantos esfuerzos no sirven de nada!
En esta zona no hay derivada!
(You should sing this part to the tones of Brahm’s lullaby)
De esta forma,
he comprendido,
Lo que Física resulta,
Solo es,
un arnés,
para arriar la realidad!
Nunca más he de creer,
que sabiendo esta ciencia,
Control he de tener,
sobre todo lo demás.
I guess Manuk will remember a silly joke I said once:
Hola, esta Dustin?
Esta ocupado echandose un idem!
This entry is a token of my appreciation to my friend Manuk, from a long time ago.

When a song and a movie changed our culture

Last night I was browsing videos on youtube and suddenly I bumped into a jazzy version of Maniac, by Michael Sembello.
Maniac is a very simple song: catchy tunes, sharp lyrics.
But it had the perfect tone for the perfect moment in an unpretentious chick flick that became an overnight success and a cultural icon of the 80s: Flashdance.
Flashdance is a weird mix that somehow worked wonders.
It was the first collaboration of Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. This was their first movie together, and their only chick flick. After Flashdance, they would stick to guy films exclusively.
The storyline is awfully simple: Cinderella, but with a few twists, 80s style.
This is a young woman who can work on a par with tough guys on a steel plant in a steel town like Philadelphia.
Her passion is dancing, so she works at night as a dancer in a men’s bar, both to keep her balance in life and at the bank.
She has aspirations to get a formal education in dancing which she can’t afford on her own.
Just to keep to story politically correct for the 80s, she is not a stripper.
In the movie, the song Maniac appears briefly while she is doing her daily exercises routine, as the background music she chooses to dance to while exercising.
This idea of a tough girl, capable of taking care of herself and of dealing with the types of guys she has as coworkers, and at the same time being able to dance with all that fire from within her, really struck me when the movie came out.
I don’t have a problem to admit that this movie (come on, a chick flick?), struck me deeply.
After the theatrical release of the movie worldwide, the entire world became Flashdance crazy!
Fashion, music, movies, MTV, you name it.
What Simpson and Bruckheimer learned from Flashdance, they applied it on Top Gun, and so they did it twice!
But allow me to get get back to Maniac and Sembello.
The original version of the song is here:
The jazzy version that got me into writing this entry is here:
If you pay enough attention to the lyrics, you may find many clues to the story that captured my imagination.
To make things round, the lyrics are as follows:
Just a steel town girl on a saturday night, lookin’ for the fight of her life
In the real-time world no one sees her at all, they all say she’s crazy
Locking rhythms to the beat of her heart, changing woman into life
She has danced into the danger zone, when a dancer becomes a dance
It can cut you like a knife, if the gift becomes the fire
On a wire between will and what will be
She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
On the ice-build iron sanity is a place most never see
It’s a hard warm place of mystery, touch it, but can’t hold it
You work all your life for that moment in time, it could come or pass you by
It’s a push of the world, but there’s always a chance
If the hunger stays the night
There’s a cold connective heat, struggling, stretching for defeat
Never stopping with her head against the wind
She’s a maniac, maniac, I sure know
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
She’s a maniac, maniac, I sure know
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
It can cut you like a knife, if the gift becomes the fire
On a wire between will and what will be
She’s a maniac, maniac, I sure know
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
[repeats out]

Today something happened on the way to Heaven

Placeholder for the mystery of what happened

Simple moments with my kids: best gifts of life

I have four kids, that by the end of this month (June 2007) will be 11 years old the eldest (a cute, witty girl, all smiles and freckles, the thinker of the group), 10 years old the second (a tall and good looking boy, strong as a bull, always plotting a new mischief), 9 years old the third (a really sharp minded boy, not too tall but slender, very humorous guy) and last but not least, 5 years old the youngest (the little princess of the group: too cute!, too sharp!, too dangerous!).
They are the sunshine of my life (My regards to Stevland!)
They happen to live some 90 miles away from where I live, so I visit them on weekends (with no major problems withstanding, every single weekend, sharp!).
As of today, the Fall is about to end in the southern hemisphere, giving way to the Winter, and because of La Niña, we are experiencing a rather cold and dry Autumn.
My third kid, the younger of the two boys, really enjoys cooking, so our special treat is to experiment with a new recipe, on every other weekend, and we playfully engage in the game of cooking as a gang.
I always challenge them with a simple and enjoyable recipe, mostly desserts or cookies, so far.
Besides the ingredients and the procedure of the recipe, I try to bring them into the secrets of culinary art, with the proper lexicon and techniques, but with a twist: let’s learn while having fun, with no effort!
With this simple cooperative game, I put them through the experience of depending on one another, on helping each other, on waiting in line to be the next to do something, on being generous, on giving what you have the least and not what you have in surplus and that is your self.
For me, this simple game of ours is just the best balsam to soothe and heal the bull**** of life.

A long time with no entries

The truth is I have been quite busy for the last six months on a project. So busy I’ve been, that I didn’t even had enough free time to sketch a few lines for this blog of mine.
Well, right now I am as busy as usual, but thought that it was worth it to type a few lines into the blog.
I am currently involved as application architect with a very interesting system for my company (that is, my own company is the customer for this system).
Since this system is used by my company to give service to many customers in the region (that is, South America), I have been flying to some other cities down south (cities other than Buenos Aires).
During these trips, on two ocassions in the last six months, I had to visit Santiago de Chile.
Even though Santiago right now is in the middle of a public quarrel because a problem with the subways and buses, it is a city that really deserves a visit every now and then.
The food is fantastic, starting with the sea food.
One funny aspect of the culinary traditions of Chile is that it seems as if chileans like avocado a lot, to such extent that it is used to accompany most dishes.
One way to put it is that they use avocado as spread on sandwiches, instead of butter.
That is fine with me, since I am an avocado buff, but it may turn out that avocado as accompaniment for other foods does not seat well with everybody.
Chilean wines are really good, and being myself an argentinean with a taste for good wines speaks very well of the quality of wines at the other side of the Andes.
A few years back I had a job at Mendoza (Argentina), so I had the chance to appreciate what the Andes has to offer to the art of the vineyards and of wine making.
One particular type of wine, Pisco, is really interesting.
Just like "Tale of two cities" by Dickens told a story of two countries intertwined by history, so does Pisco tell a story of two countries, Peru and Chile, intertwined by history.
Back to the sea food, Salmon from the Pacific is just the best. So is Krill, or the marvelous Centolla (King Crab).
In Argentina we have Salmon from the Atlantic, Krill and Centolla, just as good. That is why I have a taste for these products: I happen to know them at there best, in Argentina, just like in Chile.
Mucho tiempo sin entradas en el blog
La verdad es que he estado muy ocupado durante los ultimos seis meses en un proyecto. Tan ocupado he estado, que si quiera he tenido tiempo de garabatear unas pocas lineas para este blog mio.
Bueno, ahora sigo estando igual de ocupado, pero pensé que valía la pena escribir unas líneas en el blog.
Actualmente estoy vinculado a un proyecto en el rol de arquitecto de aplicación, en un muy interesante sistema para mi compañía (es decir, donde mi compañía es el cliente de este sistema).
Dado que este sistema es usado por mi empresa para dar servicios a muchos clientes de la región (es decir, Sud América), he estado volando a otras ciudades por acá en el Sur del Continente (otras ciudades distintas a BA).
Durante estos viajes, en dos ocasiones durante los últimos seis meses, he visitado Santiago de Chile.
Si bien ahora Santiago esta sufriendo algunas protestas ciudadanas por algunos inconvenientes con sus servicios de subtes (eh, metros!) y colectivos (buenooo, autobuses), es una ciudad que bien se merece una visita con cierta frecuencia.
Por decir algo, la comida es fantastica, empezando por los productos de mar.
Un aspecto simpático de las tradiciones culinarias de Chile es el hecho que los chilenos realmente aprecian la palta (que conste, los chilenos tambien la llaman palta, pero en otros lados, se le dice aguacate), a tal punto que la usan para acompañar muchos platos.
De más esta decir que usan la palta para untar en sandwiches, en vez de manteca.
A mi eso me va perfecto, ya que soy fanático declarado de la palta (el problema son las calorías!), pero cabe el hecho que usar palta como acompañamiento de otros platos no necesariamente le cuadra a todo el mundo.
Los vinos chilenos son muy buenos, y siendo yo argentino de buena cepa con un desarrollado gusto por vinos idem, bien habla ello en favor de la calidad de los vinos del otro lado de Los Andes.
Algunos años atrás me tocó trabajar durante una temporada en Mendoza (Argentina, claro está), por lo que tuve la oportunidad de apreciar lo que Los Andes son capaces de aportar al arte de los viñedos y de la manufactura de vinos.
De los vinos de Chile, uno en particular, el Pisco, es realmente interesante.
Tal como "Historia de Dos Ciudades" de Dickens narra como dos ciudades (Londres y Paris) se encuentran entrelazadas a través de La Historia, de la misma forma el Pisco nos relata sobre dos países, Perú y Chile, entrelazados a lo largo de La Historia.
Volviendo a los frutos de mar, el Salmón del Pacífico es sencillamente soberbio. De igual forma, el Krill o la Centolla.
En Argentina, contamos con Salmón, Krill y Centolla del Atlántico, igual de excelsos.
Esta es la causa por la cual poseo un marcado aprecio por estos productos: resulta que tengo a mi alcance la oportunidad de disfrutarlos en sus máximas expresiones, en la Argentina, al igual que en Chile.